To purchase any of David’s recordings simply choose from the selection below. If you are unfamiliar with the music, scroll to the bottom of the page and you can listen to selections from each of the recordings from our media player. We are preparing a storefront where you will be able to download individual songs from this site. Until then feel you may shop with confidence and ease through our association with QCCart®. Thank you.


SPEAK TO ME: For A Faith That Comes By Hearing. Spoken word and ambient music. Produced in cooperation with 100 HUNTLEY STREET for the 400th anniversary of hte King James Bible. Guitars by Phil Keaggy and Tom Hemby. Voiceover by David Teems. Scripture read from the King James Bible. 9 page booklet (including script) and CD. $12

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HOPE [The Myst of Eden Series]. Think of it as therapy for the soul. Spoken word and acoustic piano. Scripture read from the New International Version. $10

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MORE HOPE [The Myst of Eden Series]. Think of it as more therapy for the soul. Spoken word and ambient music (many textures including guitars, strings, pianos, and more). Scripture read from the New International Version. See a video selection (Awake, my soul). $10

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IN THE MOURNING. When you have no words. This recording was designed for those who grieve, those who have loved enough in this life to hurt for it. Songs, scripture, poetry, and ambient music. $8 [CD/tray only. No cover.]

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NO LANGUAGE BUT A CRY. Intimate. Reflective. Songs written and recorded by David Teems. One of David’s best selling recordings. 1995. $8 [CD/tray only. No cover.]

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SCARS AND STRIPES. Contemplative. Songs written and performed by David Teems. 1998. $10

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