If I ask you to tell me about your faith, speak to me in the simplest terms you have. Do not give me cant or campsong. Do not give me your theology or other toys of thought. Just tell me how many fathoms deep you are in love.—AND THEREBY HANGS A TALE.


David Teems is the author of TYNDALE: The Man Who Gave God An English Voice [Thomas Nelson, 2012]. His other books include MAJESTIE: The King Behind the King James Bible [Thomas Nelson, 2011], DISCOVERING YOUR SPIRITUAL CENTER: The Power of Psalm 119 [Leafwood Publishers, 2011], AND THEREBY HANGS A TALE: What I Really Know About the Devoted Life I Learned From My Dogs [Harvest House, 2010], and TO LOVE IS CHRIST: 365 Devotions [Thomas Nelson, 2005].

Bigenre? Is that even a word? There are two sides to David Teems (perhaps a few more if you’re looking close enough). Having made his living for years playing music, he began the slow migration to books. Published in 2005, music was shuttled off to the margins. In 2012, he was given old Martin guitar, a guitar he has a deep history with. This single instrument brought back the joy of music again. With the five published books he’s written, he intends to record more music as well. His heart is literary, but in the greater analysis, David Teems is bigenre.

Between imagination and faith there exists a kind of twilight. That simply means in the divide between them, eyes are irrelevant. Sight comes by another method, by a deeper, more reliable sense. “We walk in faith and see not” (2 Corinthians 5:7 Tyndale New Testament).—TYNDALE: The Man Who Gave God An English Voice [p. 46]

David grew up in Atlanta, GA and graduated with a BA in Psychology from Georgia State University. After one semester of graduate school, he started playing music professionally. In 1981, David began writing and performing Christian music. In 1982 he fell in love with a girl from West Virginia and married her two years later. He and Benita just celebrated 30 years of marriage. They have two sons, Adam and Shad. Adam married Katie Rogers in 2001 (the same year David’s father died). Adam and Katie have three children, Julian, Evie, and Audrey Gray. David and Benita live near their sons in Franklin, TN.